Lisa Nora is a Dutch singer/songwriter based in Brighton (UK) who mixes country/folk music with slight pop overtones.
Lisa Nora's first word was book. She was nine months old at that time. She loved to read, ever since she was a little kid. At a very young age she became a curious child, loved adventure and therefore wanted to read every book she laid her eyes on to escape to the beautiful fictional worlds of these written gems. Unfortunately, the children at her school did not seem to share the same enthusiasm so she could not really get along with them. As a result, she became socially awkward and withdrawn. At 13, she started writing songs. This was her way to write about her feelings and the things she went through, though not on paper but in the form of melodies and harmonies.

Lisa Nora was raised in a musical family. Her father and mother are professional musicians who always rehearsed in the living room. Lisa and her sister were always surrounded by the British and Celtic music that her parents made and performed. The love for folk music started here, which has become the foundation for Lisa Nora's music.

At the time she was thirteen, she, like many other teenage girls, listened to the music of the popular English boybands, singer/songwriters and musicians around 2012. This has led to her playing the guitar along with the piano, and she expanded her song-writing and music style: the addition of pop and country music besides her initial style of folk music.

Over the years, Lisa Nora has developed as a singer/songwriter. At the beginning of 2016, she started to perform small shows with her own songs and covers. She participated in a couple of talent contests which she won, and got in contact with people and artists such as Giel Beelen, Karin Bloemen and Gavin James. She has performed on the Dutch radio as well: a few times on 3FM and twice on NPO Radio 2.

In the fall of 2016, she discovered the beautiful initiative of 'Art Rocks'. Of the 5 museums that took part, Lisa Nora chose the “Tropenmuseum” in Amsterdam. She had to write a song connected to an artwork. Lisa chose a drawing about slavery, signed by J.G. Stedman. With her song 'Once A Slave', she won the final in Paradiso, Amsterdam. The jury of professionals, who cover all the different disciplines in the music and art world, had unanimously rated Lisa’s song as number one. The jury's statement said:

“She has been able to turn this big and heavy theme into a small and vulnerable song, in which hope conquers all.” - Jury Art Rocks 2016.

In May of 2016, Lisa Nora recorded her first EP 'Like A Stone' at a unique location in Hamburg, where a little old house had been converted into a brand-new studio, hence the name 'Granny's House'. Lisa Nora was one of the first artists to record here, accompanied by Manfred Faust and Torsten Eichten. The EP consists of four songs; Like A Stone, Locked Your Love, Run Away, and Where Does Time Go.

Lisa Nora's debut EP has been released on September 14th , 2017. In the fall of 2017, she has been on tour with Popronde, a big festival in multiple cities in The Netherlands. She has done a little over 20 gigs in 2 months.

On April 21st, 2018, she released her single 'Old Man's Hat' because of Record Store Day. She has also been the support act of Nick & Simon on June 28th. In August, she has been on tour with Horizontoer, which is a touring festival going along the islands Vlieland and Ameland.

Lisa Nora moved to Brighton in September 2018 to pursue her career in music in the UK. She is currently studying at BIMM Brighton. Lisa has headlined her first festival there on April 22nd, and on May 11th 2019, she has performed at The Great Escape alongside the likes of James Bay and Lewis Capaldi. On June 20th she released her single 'Pockets of Gold' and in August she played Victorious Festival in Portsmouth.

Lisa Nora became an AWAL artist in the summer of 2019 and in October she released her single 'Two Black Feathers'. BBC Introducing has picked up on Lisa Nora's songs, with 'Run Away', 'Pockets of Gold' and 'Two Black Feathers' having been track of the day on BBC Sussex & BBC Surrey.